super OS X menubar items

useful/amusing bits of software for the top-right of your screen

updated on 3/20/09 · frequently asked questions

access web services
icon name Sort descending. description cost
Amua icon Amua Control radio streams; an alternative to the official player. free; open source
BloglinesMenu icon BloglinesMenu Display the number of unread items in your Bloglines subscriptions. free; open source
Changes Meter icon Changes Meter Monitor web pages and/or files on your hard drive for changes. free
Delibar icon Delibar Quickly access your Delicious bookmarks. free
DiggUpdate icon DiggUpdate View a drop-down list of front page stories on Digg. free
FMenu icon FMenu Display Facebook notifications and quickly access parts of the site. free; open source
Gmail Notifier icon Gmail Notifier Display the number of unread messages in your Gmail inbox. free
iScrobbler icon iScrobbler Automatically send recent iTunes track information to free
iSeek icon iSeek Search the Web using various search engines. unlimited trial; $15
Monocle icon Monocle Search the web, Spotlight-like, using various engines. free
MUMenu icon MUMenu View a list of new software on MacUpdate (checked periodically). free
WoW Status icon WoW Status Display the current status of World of Warcraft servers. unlimited trial; $8
launch things
HimmelBar icon HimmelBar Launch applications, organized by folder. free
MoofMenu icon MoofMenu Launch applications, files, folders, and urls. limited trial; $5
TigerLaunch icon TigerLaunch Launch selected applications (automatically adds new ones). ★ free; open source
manage information
icon name Sort descending. description
BlogAssist icon BlogAssist Format text in the clipboard, especially to help markup blog entries. unlimited trial; $15
Check Off icon Check Off Make simple to-do lists and check them off. free; open source
ClipboardSharing icon ClipboardSharing Share clipboards across your local network. free
Hallon icon Hallon Create bookmarks (with notes and due dates) in several applications. free; open source
Jumpcut icon Jumpcut Save and access your clipboard history. free; open source
Library Books icon Library Books Display the list of books you have checked out from your library. free
URLwell icon URLwell Easily save and access URLs from a drop-down list. free
VoiceNoteMenu icon VoiceNoteMenu Record and access voice notes. limited trial; $12
time and weather
icon name Sort descending. description
Alarm Clock icon Alarm Clock Set alarms (with optional music), timers, and stopwatches. free
Cosmic Debris icon Cosmic Debris Display the probability of an Aurora Borealis event in your area. free; open source
FuzzyClock icon FuzzyClock Display the current time in a “fuzzy”, idiomatic style. free
JetClock icon JetClock Display the current time in four different cities around the world. free
MagiCal icon MagiCal A clock and calendar with many configuration options. free
MenuCalendarClock icon MenuCalendarClock View a compact monthly calendar. ★ unlimited trial; $20
Meteo icon Meteo Display customizable weather forecasts for United States cities. free; open source
MoonMenu icon MoonMenu Display the current phase of the moon. unlimited trial; $12
PowerController icon PowerController Set an alarm clock; optionally play an MP3 as the alert. limited trial; $10
QuakeBar icon QuakeBar List recent earthquakes around the world. free
TinyAlarm icon TinyAlarm Set a simple alarm clock for the near future. ★ free
WeatherBug Lite icon WeatherBug Lite Display the current local temperature and any weather alerts. free
interface helpers
icon name Sort descending. description
Amnesty icon Amnesty Select Dashboard widgets and display them on your desktop. limited trial; $20
ASM icon ASM Switch applications, Classic-style. unlimited trial; $15
Caffeine icon Caffeine Stop your Mac from going to sleep or displaying the screensaver. free
DeskShade icon DeskShade Manage your desktop pictures, lock your desktop, and more. limited trial; $13
Desktopple icon Desktopple Easily hide all of the icons on your Desktop. limited trial; $17
Ejector icon Ejector Eject any or all disks (iPod, CD, USB drive, .dmg file, etc.). free
F.lux icon F.lux Automatically adjust your display to be easier on your eyes. ★ free
IC-Switch icon IC-Switch Change your default email, FTP, news, RSS, and web apps. free
iDiskMenu icon iDiskMenu Mount and unmount iDisk, WebDAV, and FTP servers. free; open source
Lab Tick icon Lab Tick Control your backlit keyboard with a slider. free
MainMenu icon MainMenu Run a variety of maintenance tasks from your menubar. limited trial; $19
MenuPrefs icon MenuPrefs Access specific System Preference Panes. unlimited trial; $5
ProcessWizard icon ProcessWizard Control the priority of each currently running process. free
ScreenSaverMenu icon ScreenSaverMenu Change your screen saver or lock your screen. limited trial; $5
Shimo icon Shimo Easily connect (and disconnect) to your VPN. unlimited trial; €13
SoundSource icon SoundSource Switch between audio input and output devices. free
SpiritedAway icon SpiritedAway Automatically hide applications after a period of inactivity. free
SSHKeychain icon SSHKeychain Manage your SSH keys (integrates with Keychain) and forward ports. free; open source
SwitchResX icon SwitchResX Extensively manage the resolutions of all your monitors. limited trial; €14
WindowFinder icon WindowFinder Switch between open windows via an itemized list. limited trial; $10
icon name Sort descending. description
ByteController icon ByteController Control iTunes with customizable buttons and hotkeys. free
iTunes Doodad icon iTunes Doodad Basic drop-down iTunes controller. free
Menuet icon Menuet Control iTunes, rate songs, display artwork, submit tracks to free
Synergy icon Synergy Control iTunes and display album artwork. limited trial; $10
watch your system
App Stop icon App Stop Pause CPU usage and set priorities for running applications. limited trial; $15
IPMenu icon IPMenu View your current internal and external IP addresses. free
iStat menus icon iStat menus Monitor CPU, memory, disk, network, temp., fans, etc. in detail. free
MemoryCell icon MemoryCell Display how much memory the current application is using. free
MenuMeters icon MenuMeters Monitor CPU, memory, disk, and network statistics. free; open source
Mouse Position Menu icon Mouse Position Menu Display your mouse-position coordinates. limited trial; €15
Server Siren icon Server Siren Monitor your web servers and get alerts if they go down. limited trial; $15
SlimBatteryMonitor icon SlimBatteryMonitor Monitor battery power in a variety of styles. free
SMARTReporter icon SMARTReporter Display the “health” status of your hard drive. free; open source
Temperature Monitor icon Temperature Monitor Display your current processor temperature, where possible. free
other stuff
icon name Sort descending. description
BluePhoneElite icon BluePhoneElite Extend your Bluetooth phone with call alerts and other features. limited trial; $20
Deviant icon Deviant Link your desktop to any folder, effectively switching the items on it. free
DropCopy icon DropCopy Easily send files across a LAN by dragging and dropping. free
Menulator icon Menulator Calculate a variety of things from your menubar. free; open source
Pinki icon Pinki Easily create thumbnail icons for image files. free
Sidekick icon Sidekick Create new Appleworks documents and access recent ones. limited trial; $10
SkypeMenuX icon SkypeMenuX View and change your Skype user status, launch/quit Skype, and more. free; open source

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